jQery function fires unexpectedly from alert OK button

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    I've got radio buttons with class="cb". Click any .cb button and a little function clears the outlines on the buttons. Here's the function: It works correctly.


    If I also want to clear the same outlines when a regular button (i.e., not radio) is clicked, I run into trouble. The button group is class="butt". Here's the amended code:

    $(".cb, .butt").click(function(){

    Now the problem: If there's an alert open and the amended code exists, the function fires when the "OK" button in the alert is clicked. I've tried separate functions, tried identifying the (non-radio) buttons by their ids, etc. but no matter what the outlines on the radio buttons clear when the OK button in the alert is clicked.

    Any ideas?

    asked just now

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