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Int’ "and a few more Errors" href="/p/11276/" target=_blank>Haskell Programming Assignment, "Couldn't match expected type ‘Int’ with actual type ‘[a0] -> Int’ "

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abstract class, all derived concrete classes should be singletons

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Raspberry Pi, C++, OpenCV

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Ember Way to Add Rss Feed without third party widget, Front-end only

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LightGBMError: b'Label must be in [0, 3), but found -2147483648 in label'

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Rest on wildfly return “Not Found”, but jsp works, What's wrong?

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Request timeout for icmp_seq on MacOS

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Null Pointer Exception in spring boot

Viewpager not getting positions properly

How to resolve an Operational Error at /admin/polls/queston/ which says no such column: polls_questo

How to throttle requests to sites instead of to proxy server in scrapy?

Value Error: Input shape error in Keras Image captioning

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Write a program which takes input from the userr

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Using cloud functions with Firebase FIrestore

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Using `tsc` give output module a name

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Is there a way to return a CIImage's size (width/height) in Swift 4?

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Java Security OAuth2: How to keep tokens and user info safe

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On G Suit Marketplace there are 2 listings for the same app and google has no support there

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Cutting Columns From a File leaving the First and Last 2 Columns using cut where the number of Colum

Linux application over RDP (FreeRDP, XRDP) / Apache Guacamole

FMDB - help saving BLOB array

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Add class for number_with_precision

Update component according to redux

How to add PHP, JavaScript and HTML in my WordPress page?

python patch test, specific import

HTML Bootstrap Grid

VBA code works in debug mode, but fails in run mode

Unidentified Syntax error on MySQL Select query in PHP: "MySQL error: Unknown column 'student' in 'w

Round a floating point UP to nearest integer in Python

Ruby - Access Response Headers for Rate Limiting (Help Scout)

basic else if statement not working in java class [duplicate]

How to multiply one row in a column by the previous row in pandas?

Two methods inherited from one method in class are different in instances, aren't they?

Displaying a list of items in a grid Tapestry-error

Best way to find overlapped date range in case of multi million data?

Filtering and summing doesn't work in the same query in swift

KNN accuracy and error rate

how to get data from sqlite database into listview and the second activity use Viewpager in android?

retain the xml tags using query from eulexistdb

Unity 2D: PlayerPrefs Implementation for Highscore

How to get the contents a particular cell using excel data reader in c#?

Collections.sort() leaves my list unsorted

How do I correctly interpolate controller name and action

TypeScript Path mapping in Visual Studio Code with Intellisense/Auto import


Performing G search from Google Sheets API/Javascript and extracting amount of results

python: fillna with condition

Difference between with and apply functions in kotlin

How may i get the id from my chosen list in a different page ? Using Php/MySQL

How can i perform any function after some time interval? (python)

dividing a network into a grid of small cells in a SUMO scenario

How to model a state machine with input

Python 3 application unexpectedly pauses, resumes on keypress

How to extract data from parameters?

How to extend both fragment and AppCompatActivity to a same class?

Not able to generate proper XSD for an XML,contains Map with Key,value structure

Unwanted buttons

.htacess SEO URL Rewrite

Compressing and resizing images?

Javascript result issue

Convert Decimal to float without removing zeros Python

confusion on the time complexity of this insert method

Android Webview signout issue

Is there any way to check what happen after sent email via Mandrill but target email doesn't receive

python error in yield from, solution please

Incomple text while saving seaborn figures

Python Amazon MWS orders throttling

Tagging in fabric8-maven-plugin not working?

Object Reference Error using LINQ C# to return results from an XML document

head cannot be resolved or is not a field error

What is wrong with my brackets/parenthesis?

Arrowhead is hiding behind vertex

A quantion about building a 3 dimension DataFrame and its heap-map in Python

Android Studio gradle minify replaces fragment with another one

Button colour is not changing in android app when testing it on phone

Division in sql

How to get Google reCAPTCHA v2 data-sitekey?

Spring cloud Hystrix not working

Tasm program if you input any 5 numbers from 0-9 the result will be in ascending order

mongoengine - python - no_derefernce() not working with to_json()

How to implement searchable ListView for custom JSON ArrayAdapter

Turn off NSURLSession related logs

android build error with admob plugin

How do i design a student result sheet like this

Python Counting word frequency in list

UITableViewCell Auto Resizing

Generated resources don't show up in eclipse-wtp published jars

C++ #defining enum states

wpf c# running command in cmd

How to pass toString from child to parent using super.toString(); in Java

Shiny, download content of tab as pdf

Python numpy.convolve integral limits

Should Python applications be distributed using Wheel, as a Best Practice?

Alternative to Mountain Duck software - OS X

Can atom be both predicate and operator?

using lm package: R won't see factors as factors, error message: Error in contrasts...contrasts can

Deleting array element causing crashing

Getting a value from the JSON String

Unexpected EOF While Parsing with 2 lines of Code

Add numerical value to a column conditional on other column

Can't get my android service working if my app closes

PHP move_uploaded_file() Not Working But Also No Errors

MS Access VBA: Trap $_ImportErrors table

Pass environment variables to SASS using NPM scripts

How to get values:keys in array of dictionaries, that situated in dictionary in swift 4

How to replace protocol with DelegateProxy from RxSwift?

Passing access tokens to subsequent API Calls

Scroll horizontally to middle of the page on page load

how to stop re-render in reactjs?

How to test for the exception in junit

How to skip 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' check in AngularJS?

Spring mvc slow speed

How to refactoring jQuery expression

no suitable method found for add(String) method Collection.add(Hostel) is not applicable (argument m

Denormalizing table with a view in mysql

Odoo 10 POS - Why is the price wrong (0$) sometimes when product is scanned by codebar?

How to handle success message to fill up on listview in android using retrofit 1.9.0?

TestFx4 / JavaFx - How to get TableView Cell graphic

ValueError invalid literal for int() with base 10: ''

Unable to create openldap proxy cache server

Add more fields in Gravity Forms (Product filed)

Custom form action in Vue

Adding boundary shadows to RecyclerView

Chef service restart_command not running on AWS opsworks instnace

Alternative Standalone Libraries Python

Analyzing strange JMH result for summing integers via loop / IntStream / parallel

JavaFx - Code before Thread.sleep(1000) doesn't work, why?

Spring Batch Writer Object Array Insert

I cannot figure out how to take data from multiple workbooks and put them on a master sheet. 20 file

Ionic: limit content width but keep tabs/toolbar full screen width

avoid onclick event while scroll box is scrolling firemonkey

Non-destructive way to shuffle/randomize an array

Forcing the iOS device to re-check its actual orientation after setting it

CATIA V5 - export CatPart features

Powershell List of Service Accounts

How to know when an action is made before a specific action?

Raspberrypi as openvswitch

Probleme with webservice MTOM client side when i deploy my app in jboss 6.4

Apache Toree PySpark error

iOS App as a data collector

Embedded html 5 video div is overlapping with another div on resizing for responsiveness

For Loop Not working in server.r on shiny

Get rid of annoying EditText focus

How can I align a photo with a plot in R?

How to sort cells in tableView?

Thingsboard Kafka plugin: variables available to the body action

can you replace all errors on codeigniter with my own standard text

Apache update resulting in images not uploading using PHP

Pthread on windows, using Sleep() makes program crashes

Accessing URL in ContainerNode::AppendChild function

Using same React component in a SharePoint webpart

Pop-up contact form accessed globally from different pages jQuery Javascript

error: exportArchive: No profiles for 'com.quarkdata.emm' were found

Robotics for beginner

Resource not found, wrong path?

JSF and Richfaces 3.3 to Angular migration

Start Google search query from activity - open root directory

My GUI freeze when i start my countdown timer

How to autofill the other form field as per the value user entered in another field of the same form

Return type is different when invoking the same method on different objects

Extracting group by name in Java regex when the input string can change order

Failed resolution of: [Lkotlin/reflect/KProperty

How to change the color palette of the glmtools library?

How to add input dialog in C#: Esp. in Fiddler Script

How do I search for '%stars%' within a Postgresql array?

How to use _id mongo field, as a parameter for another method, in map function?

How to click option in dropdown menu which does not have "select" tag using Selenium Python?

Docker error - cannot remove a container

spring-boot + cloud log4j version compatibity issue when using SerialisedLayout socket appender

Relating List-of-List Spring-Boot Model Fields to Thymeleaf

I can't load cordova plugins in ionic v1

How to create a list with the same index number and value from the enumerated list?

Django filter by first letter of model

how can I truncate text and remove html tags in django template

How to use Spring Integration 5 with Spring Boot 1.5.x

python - check if string contains special characters, if yes, replace them

when Xamarin app is closed then it get crash when push notification is tapped

CFStream TLS Allow self signed cert (Swift)

random sampling and probability

An error occurred in the requested FTP operation. Detailed error description: 200 Type set to A 227

django date filter doesn't update

Python - Not recognizing Exception Handling

find the average of columns for each row by ignoring strings in middle

Control or limit dynamic behaviour

Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to a member function fetch()

conflicting gestures with PageViewController

Django2,Page not found,but it exits

How to add constrains to storyboard for IBDesignable custom UI

Make Angular AOT Webpack Plugin work with modules which use 'window'

Multiple include model in loopback

SSL Error in nodejs request package

Ansible - delegate_to is ignoring Sudo False

Include hex key validation in signup process

Use a generic method to find the max value of a 2D array of strings

How to generate a tree view and a pivot view when clicking generate button in wizard

NSPredicate problems with NOT, AND

Remove item in list

run multiple queries in array with multi_query

make a Factory constructor look like a normal constructor in Python

If record exists when using $wpdb->insert, don't insert and don't throw failure

Slick AsyncExecutor Exception

Subsetting data.table column through a variable list

Pool allocator implementation

Is It Possible To Open Google Maps By PlaceId?

How to auto delete a file after x-time in laravel

Accessing protected memory raises a SIGBUS signal instead of SIGSEGV

const pointer to const inside srtuct in function prototype

Could not locate cfg.xml resource (/hibernate.cfg.xml)

Impossible to get cpu temperature

how can I copy subplot 1 to subplot2 and hold on to add new data point in 2nd subplot

jquery: onClick function for any id that's a number?

How to open git-http-backend as a http server?

Splitting occurence of string and getting specific substring javascript

How can i read the end of a file in c#?

Label a pandas column based on sign flips of another column

Display the map based on keypress

Outlook emailObj.Body not sending the whole email on certain emails

Add titles to ggplots created with map()

Remove all duplicate elements from linked list

macOS 10.13 often restarts springboard while editing a storyboard in Xcode

How can I add a generated htmlwidget to Rmarkdown and convert it to a Word document?

Spawn multiple objects at random position with slick 2D without having to refresh or restart ?

How to get print all values under certain keys in firebase (Obj-C)?

Error when storing values into mySQL table

Find biggest number in a list using Python

keeping '0.00' from being displayed

Volatile keyword atomicity

Select row in a matrix based on value in a vector

Kafka Streams Deserialization Handler

Need help in vxworks project

Access value of maven_jar.artifact from Skylark rule

Trying to convert a string into Long and then breaking up each digit

Webpack Dev Server: How do I change the path where static files are served from?

Background Color Disappears on Form Submission - Chrome

How to get first datagridview's cell value if it is not selected?

HTML 5 image not appearing on hover

Material icon not detcted from name

Keep gcc linker from using non-system libraries found in system /lib64 folder

Uber ride request ride does not show route in Uber app in Swift 3?

For nested loop prints incomplete result

how can I update loopback.io to a newer version when I already have my code written?

Replicating full iPhone Screen Capture Swift

ARkit objects moving with camera instead of staying static

Check specific sequence of alphanumeric string in sas

Angular Unit Test using NgbDatepicker is failing

Android Recycler View Title Divider

ArangoDB - BigDecimal

Approximate disk space consumption of rows on SQL Server

Prevent child component added with innerHtml to be applied to parent

Reactjs - List components with delay

How to get deep knowledege in penetration testing with kali linux and

Methods do not appear inside mocked object

Method Level Dependencies Metrics Calculation Tool

Use data.table's fread read text file

Aurelia - Possible to nest a custom component that uses slots using a different template on the nest

Showing a tooltip on a chart mousemove event blocks other events in C#

exponent on labels of bar chart in matplotlib

Java BufferedImages from .ts File

IBM MQ connectivity issue from Mule - UNSUPPORTED_CIPHER_SUITE and no mqjbnd Error

Symfony 4 recipe cannot be installed on project because of dotenv issue

Trigger Input Step in Jenkins via HipChat

creating a new rails project - resolving dependency

How to set a string inside if?

webpack export function globally

Datatables - Somehow downloading the table in excel button is missing

Convert a dictionary including many dataframes into a dataframe

lib.min.js:14 TypeError: Cannot use 'in' operator to search for '13401' in

Why in Fat arrow functions arguments object is undefined [duplicate]

Javascript Slides with variable timeouts

Why is Trace.WriteLine printing random characters instead of what has been specified?

MailApp.sendEmail - editing and adding Hyperlink

Is there a way to adjust video quality using android MediaPlayer?

How Can i Control that Mysql Server exists in Services with C# commands?

How to disable a time slot.. When the duration is in between

How to use machine learning built in Azure platform for future new data?

How to add labels in seaborn bar chart

How do I get the system's path separator with CMake

Angular 4 - ngModelChange throw cannot read property '...' of undefined during two select form bindi

riot js pushing index to a array

image on the button still changing i am using a condition to check whether image is already on the J

Xpath query to find nodes whose descendants contain particular text

CSS: Desktop: How to hide vertical nav menu. iPad Pro: Landscape: How to hide horizontal nav menu

Is there any way to rewrite existing php file from php script

Calculate UV map for vertices forming a rectangular area in 3d space

Wordpress search box to search only videos on my website

Stretch a div to it's full width

Regarding multiselect dropdown in dotnetcore 2.0 webapp

Auto Fit Crystal Report

Delete using Stored procedure in SQL Server that keeps data deleted when there is 1 record error

Does mongodb $lookup operator ruins default order?

Javascript how to get list is on click on inner span

Unable to pull data from a file and place into two arrays

How to open Play Store via a FCM notification?

How to get Facebook graphapi "read insights" permission long token?

java implementing moving average

Dynamically create object with properties based on inputted List C#

How to autocomplete non-default argument in VS Code

How you parse a collection of email addresses with mimekit?

Incorrect image size on different screen size

Java and cmake: package does not exist

How to parse and translate DSL using Red or Rebol

Unable to send custom body in Webfilter if Authorization header doesn't exist

Java script : Calling Flask API with AJAX fails

Why the SOAP server returns no values as they are specified in the function server

monit: action failed - other action already in progress

Why are dynamic and object interchangeable parameter types when implementing an interface?

spring mvc authentication error using user details service

Why is AppEngine Flex CPU so much more expensive than Google Compute Engine?

How can I remove all padding between my link and the list item it lives in ? or... click on opens

ASP.NET Core - Swashbuckle not creating swagger.json file

How can I get three items with different heights to display on the same row with css?

Incorrect Syntax near special character ✉

Plot section of a NetCDF and overlay a shape file- R

Instance methods with default and variable length arguments

Control a PPTX file with Javascript offline

c++ spectral clustering using SLIC superpixels

D3 force directed graph not connecting to search on load, but does connect on graph toggle

JSON array returns undefined unless presented as a var in javascript

Converting NSEnum from Userinfo in NSNotification fails in Objective c

Better practise: Reset array and re-add all items or search through array and remove unnecessary one

MIME boundary header sequence

Updating UITabBarItems for iPhone Plus in landscape

Loading Assemblies into Seperate AppDomain in Mono Gives FileNotFoundException

Convert string to Windows newlines in Ansible

repeat string n times in Kotlin

ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS after updating .htaccess rules

What I should improve in my code to migrate data from csv file to database

Do raw type declarations take more memory and can lead to memory leak problems?

UIViewControllerAnimatedTransitioning iOS 11 Offset issue

Setting value for config of Spring @Scheduled from database

auto populate select value in form using database value

Capture output of command which contains quotes and env vars

Java adding file contents to array list

javascript toggle appear button that doesn't need 40 javascript files for 40 of the same buttons

bokeh - plot overlaps on xaxis when output_backend = "webgl"

Delete all elements that hasn't a specific child using jQuery

How to res.render just a part of a html

Weird bug of Laravel on page rendering

how to get price of related product when i select product from selectbox?

How can I broadcast message through WhatsApp from my android app?

mongodb aggregate with temporary field

How to instruct Appium to prefer the emulated device instead of physical

Change Default first day of week for datepart in MSSQL 2008

Change TabControl Header Font on MouseOver WPF (Custom tabcontrol)

What is the 'rate limit' exceeded of SoftLayer API endpoint?

how to config hdfs-site.xml sperately for hdfs high available

Passing the parameter value as NULL in SOAP UI rest service for ESS job

Calling two Java methods asynchronously

Database level migrations in parse server

Extract part of char array as string

Issues with getting a counter to work in Google Sheets

Umbraco Examine - search special/encoded characters

add mutiple columns using pnpjs core in SPFx App

Maintaining Header when Opening Link in InAppBrowser -Ionic 3

React-native: iOS wont install - libtool error

Width of div changes when validation errors are shown

Find a Fixed String in Notepad++

How to generate sphinx docks in nested directory?

Authentication using VueJS and Laravel

Find maximum span in list of pairs

Match 3 letter words only if its 2nd and 3rd letters are same -- regex

My If condition is not working in jquery?

C++ Text Files usage

Google Spreadsheets - Freeze formula that references cell in another sheet

How can I restrict the viewing or downloading of ASP source code via a web browser? (IIS 7+)

Editing functionality in ios [objective c]

Can we insert data using single SQL queries to two Different Machines Database at same time

Implementation of the median of two sorted arrays of equal size in C++

Wrong diff while committing through egit

Is constructor reference in java is a type of dynamic binding?

I'm having trouble with c# hangman code

sk_buff - linear buffer and skb_shared_info

How to make a Visualisation like this in Python?

How to set keys in html 5 localstorage under the same object so that if i expand that object, i have

Kendo grid automatically recalculated number of rows when window is resized

c++ class members outside access specifiers

Deploying an NGINX Ingress Controller on AWS

Why doesn't unary plus follow parenthesis

How to parse time and date in a LocalDateTime method?

Apache with grunt and node running on same server

sql server error error code 0xC0208449

Invalid write of size 8 when passing a std string

What's the leap from a text-based game to a 2D game?

Android wear: geofence - ApiException: 1000

how to add my project to svn which is already added to svn before in intellij IDEA

write line with constant or variable values every X number of characters in vim

How can I keep my user directories secure while using ssh?

Website Server load test ?

what do i use decimal or double variables?

Conditional Update in sql whit if or case

How to get the last imported block in ethereum geth before starting to sync

How can I box the contents of an iterator of a type that implements a trait?

Unable to install Anaconda

Set device Attributes using rest Api api/v1/{deviceToken}/attributes

How to find out which label contains 'active' class

React Native chat bubble flexbox similar to whatsapp

How to output successful tests from `lein test`?

Raisng error with LBYL vs EAFP

Why isn't there a naming conflict in decorating chaining code?

[Vue JS]: Setting a watcher for a data variable in different component

MYSQL get people who watched all football matches

Azure Function. Run without a binding?

Is it possible to place a UIToolbar below a UICollectionView without a UINavigationController?

Convert MySQL BigInt(20) unix epoch time to datetime(3)

WM_DESTROY not called inside wrapped WndProc

Can you use JavaScript "in" operator to test for multiple conditions?

how to select indices using a combination of loc and iloc

Is it possible to run both PHP and JSP on my droplet

synchronize two data display components (cxlookUpComboBox and cxDBImage)

How to display 24 items in a carousel - Jekyll

Source and medium as hidden fields in a form

Display hive table with max value per group

What language do they use for DTS declarations in Beaglebone

adding facebook widget on wordpress website sidebar

How to improve this interface and link it to it's domain

GridLayout renders differently than in preview

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Custom voice TTS

My game runs fine in the IDE however when exported it will open and immediately close

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CityList is not coming as per ID....please check and rectify the same

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Passing comma separated list from controller to model

work with xlsx files without saving in local memory

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SSL connect error with libcurl goes away after running curl

how can i download a .bin file from webserver to ESP8266

PHP run a java program and get the output

how to change src folder name for the project generated by angular client

How to move files to another commit in Git?

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why did't highlight Collaborator link in my menu sidebar in laravel?

Get String value failed from JSON object If Identifier has a blank space android

Can't find keyplane that supports type 4 for keyboard iPhone-PortraitChoco-NumberPad - Numbers becom

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Angular 4 Components communication With RxJs

Bring all elements on top of the box [duplicate]

Add an ImageView to Hbox JavaFX

How to replace FrameLayout in Activity with a fragment?

Is it possible to divide a 3D grid in 4 quadrants? as in make the grid line at 0.0 thicker and with

Looking for auto clicker / similar that can read and write (if statment)

mysql Case select with multiple columns

Can I call a function if it's already running in background?

How to send data entered in the extension menu to another file

Chained API's and Jest expects

Coding my WordPress blog according to Amp

Edit google play store listing

i am using cubic spline interpolation using scipy, but output i get as object data type rather than

why parent element has additional space

How to add const qualifier to vector::pointer?

how to display html code with base64 encoded image in textview

Substitute variables in an expression in octave

Calling functions in array of objects with map()

I want material 24 hrs time and date picker to my app. Angular 4

Please clarify SMTP encryption protocol and ports (between servers only)

pyodbc cant connect mssql (Timeout)

Is it possible to use django generic-class based view with a database view as model?

How to print scraped data in head tag using Ajax/Javascript

Setting the fans via the ipmi tools

Get SHA1 value for a folder containing one file

Parameters being passed into Web SQL callback are undefined

Programmatically register generic bean

Unable to disable all fields of a ms-access userform on load

How To "Fake" Date/Time For Testing Mongoose Models

How to test scala case classes using Junit

passing userloginid from controller to apicontroller

The client API want me to rely back Accepted.in php

Broadcast rotation matrices multiplication

Java Thread handling between seperate classes

Notifications not stacking Android

SQL Server Error 53 and 40 on Virtual Machine In Azure

RSA encryption sometimes works other time won't

Array of struct Error

Android - Load image from gallery to ImageView with SharedPreferences

Create Temporary Table in Laravel

How the coordinates of the browser preview map to the coordinates in the PDF file

Issue loading Office Add-In in desktop versions of Outlook

How to read text from file into an array in ruby

Javascript: How to get an alert after two buttons have been pressed

Symfony WebTestCase Method parameter (object)

Grails 3.1.1 not persisting modifications to a domain (Dirty checking not working

Is it possible to modify the private fields outside of the class?

understanding selection, iteration, arrays, counting, etc. I know the concepts behind these terms, b

Reading a text file and creating two types of objects, but the first object type is created twice

I have just uploaded a new site to my host via FTP but am now getting "You don't have permission to

Rails post parameters name syntax?

How to comparing *argv[] to the array of data from text file?

How do I get the "user_id" for a customer places an order?

Users getting 403 errors while posting comment on the website

Javascript beginner questions

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Looking for Word VBA code to highlight text using current default highlight color

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some questions about concurrency in java

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Sending a pdf attachment from site on button click without mailto spam

Best practice to create base layout for each activities

Python Numba Polynomial Root Lower Error with Sympy

see the output in Airflow

python printing backslash without using it

ImportError: No module named '_sqlite3'

XF: listview with imagecell

Redirecting stdout not working for all output

How can I deal with "LifecycleOwner" error in android studio 3.0.1?

How can I convert the following oracle trigger to SQL Server trigger?

sql server parent child hirarchy Along with order by on name

Integrate Web socket with My React App

Handle subscription changes in meteor react

i want to make a java program to search files with name containing "xyz" and all files having "xyz"

Apache not working on xampp changed the port still nothing

Combine bash variable and parameter expansion on same command

HttpLoggingInterceptor ( Retrofit ) not showing log in Huawei Honor6X

Android Swipe up/down gestures

How to define a variable after process in ajax?

python 3.6.3 (OOPS)

Injecting into nested builder class

How do I add a button with function to export the report as either .pdf,.xls or .csv formats in ODOO

Ho to call javascript function to java on IONIC V1?

Is SQL statement in EXECUTE IMMEDIATE parsed at run time?

how to filter 3 conditions in the same entity in xsodata? multiple filter based on session user usin

How to remove scientific notation from double for longest double value

Convert Bitcoin Product Price into USD ,CURL how change my code?

CuDNN6 on Nvidia TX2

Java 8 - Convert to java.util.Map from Stream Object

PHP two dimensional array array search

A string of codes connected to multiple strings.I have some doubts about the two dimensional array a

babel-plugin-react-css-modules: How do I import a `.less` using the same behavior as a `.css` file?

How to hide key password in Spark log?

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How to approach this program

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Emit first Observable, use second Observable as conditional

Does Cardinality happen one at a time or it is about the whole life of the data?

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Error with google assistant on raspberry pi

Java problems each time I try to import a project to eclipse

Get JSON by sending ULR get request

Craft 3 CMS on heroku. Internal Server Error cookieValidationKey error

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Calculating the slope between each value and time step - pandas

Firebase Authentication issue getGoogleApiForMethod() returned Gms

How to sort a dict by value when the value is a class [duplicate]

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error: TypeError: xi should be a dictionary, list or tuple using python 2.7

MySQL GROUP BY DESC most recent few records

Dynamic routes to child components

How to play dynamically loaded audio files by clicking respective divs?

Broadcast Hash join with spark dataframe

Regex: How to match a string that is not followed by a certain string, but has to follow a certain s

SQL: How to select one row per day

translation of the word "Kurdistan" wrong through twitter

React Native Navigation and Redux Persist

Haskell: Retrieve nth value from type which is a tuple

How to calculate Correct answers in a Javascript Quiz Having 4 Subjects

Change Var to Actual Type

Trying to remove quadtree from javascript game

Second hover transition for scale on tag not working correctly

Heroku NodeJS cannot find module

Can't run shell php script from wordpress plugin?

what is equivalent of Postgresql to dbms_stats.gather_table_stats in Oracle?

Check if for multiple values BUT one needs an extra line

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SEO Friendly URL for PHP CMS

Azure Cloud Service Package - Cant find Virtual Path on hosted VSTS build server

Writing to serial device using Tkinter entry widget in Python 3

Python: How to row look up data from a dataframe and multiply in another dataframe based on columns

Xcode 9/Swift 4: Passing Data from UITableView to another Viewcontroller

Optimal solution for file compression with disproportionate number of spaces and/or tabs

How to TDD koa2 with mocha?

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Swift 3 MacOs, set default button style

How to check status-code of URL of the application in protractor test?

Is hammer js useable with Iphone?

Socket Programming Multiple Clients - One Server Python

Synchronous vs Asynchronous in microservices

Creating an ODBC connection profile in informatica developer with blank password

array of average of passed certain second

Fetch AWS Current EC2 Instance Details from Ruby AWS-SDK?

trigger build for git repo B for a commit/pull request done on Git repo A using jenkins pipeline

Issue with in RecyclerView

Changing Text Input Traits with Eureka

Error when trying to populate a list saying: cannot be accessed with an instance reference; qualify

Pyramid AuthTktAuthenticationPolicy callback never invoked

Spring JPA OneToOne

How to allow user to export Dynamics 365 report to PDF format only?

Loosing Thread Context and Principal in Owin between WebApi and SignalR

FabricJS 2 - Having a canvas both read and write to a redux store

Buttercms API returns nothing

What does sqrt(x!=y) mean in C programming?

How to put two bash commands in CWL file?

Differences between MSIL and Swift bytecode?

TokenMismatchException after hpsting

Dlib OpenCV facial measurements

Connect 3 tables into 4th SQL

Chagning SPARQL Endpoint

How LL(1) parser handle Right Associative grammer

Using Java Stream anymatch with filter for null check

Space in JSON object causing issues

Positioning dynamically created control that overlaps another control in a resource dialog causes od

Why is the list being changed during for-loop? [on hold]

How can i save image captured image from webcam with form data in laravel

Using a loading spinner with cardview in android studio

Object as Constructor Parameter to DataContext in XAML

function suddenly returning error

Spring configuration: Help resolve: NoUniqueBeanDefinitionException: No qualifying bean of type 'jav

SWIFT: UITableView in UICollectionView

how to query db reference field using Mongo mock

Wordpress HTML AJAX JSON get data and parse

Como pegar o que foi digitado em um inputText e inserir no firebase usando o React-Native?

Xamarin c# - Show bluetooth paired devices in PopUp

how can I get shorted titles from markdown

Multiple event listeners?

pyautogui.hotkey() works... sometimes?

Put json data into ng2-charts chart

Sgen error on build

seamless scrolling through multiple websites

Can't debug typscript in VSCode on app created with "dotnet new angular"

Invoke IdP authorize without challenge

Symfony3 : How to do a massive import from a CSV file as fast as possible?

Sum column rows where date == specific date in C#

Any alternative for HTTP context?

how to find the horizontal offset between two sets of data in Matlab?

Compute the area under curve Time series python

Visual Studio 2015 Debugging issue

Pass job parameter to gradle task in scripted pipeline

taskset with pipes and files for performance measurement

How to resolve unsupported pickle protocol: 4 in python 3.5?

How to empty select2 previous data?

Displaying multiple images like social feed in grid style

android how to disable dates till current date

AssertTrue missing 1 required positional argument

Make a list of root with os.walk

C Programming EXC_BAD_ACCESS (code:1 ,address=0x0) Error

Invoking a string from one private method to another in GUI

How do I get the max number?

Stop reading bytes from serial port (Python/RPi/UART)

Unable to create Solr core in solr -7.0.0 couldn't persist core properties to :

C# code to manage hardware

How to set the opacity of all canvas konvajs shapes on mouse press

Excel Macro to Sum by Font Colour

Java | Get all Pixels of a Picture of a certain color

Spring JpaRepository findBy...In(Collection) returns union not intersection

VS Team Explorer merge conflicts

Java HTTP Php Server

Hide the Wizard Step Title page in SAPUI5

What is typically the role of a broker in Kafka

Pathfinding - Directions and Spaces moved

Swift - unable custom cursor position from user in UITextField

Html - Relative path for image tag not working

sort function not working correctly

Why does curl turn null post arguments into empty strings?

Cognitive Services Exception in Xamarin

Having issues using cookies

Database connection failing in spring boot application

I am unable to implement picker view in swift 3?

Can we get the firebase analytics data for past dates

Ecto association custom name

Lasagne blas error

JDBC executeUpdate() not working

slice indices must be integers or None or have an __index__ method in udacity self driving

Javascript tests using poltergeist and capybara accessing internal api

How to save variables after quitting and reopening in Apple Script?

I am using angular 2 and I have created a form and Marked feilds as required but stilll my got submi

Prolog: Finding if a point is on a rectangle

best practice for any action flag true/false or 1/0

Add new node to trie error

How can I take user input and make a query from a database specifically in the where clause?

HTML input type number, getting value

Checking sprite collisions with exception (Pygame)?

what characterizes a Lisp dialect?

SYN ACK not getting recieved

How can I transform a string of comma and brackets seperated list into another string?

Best programming language to do basic arithmetics with really large numbers

Getting cropperjs to post cropped image to server

Try catch with containing for and if statement Java

Can newer versions of MSBuild compile older C# solutions?

PayPal - adaptive payment - mini browser opens blank

Ionic android build error : "All flavors must now belong to a named flavor dimension"

how to enable scrolling for specific div block in javascript

Is it advisable to use references/lookups in MongoDb?

Printing xml DOM to a different directory through argparse using Python

Difficulty understanding multiple uploads in Yii2

Unable to get second column using awk

Differentiate simulated key-presses from user key-press in python

Clear key listeners from JPanel

Sorting multidimensional array by varying (2) keys?

AngularJs post to .NET Controller always null

S3 filenames with "_ " (underscore space) breaks the filename into separate lines when using '"aws s

How do I make the links in the nav center align during mobile view? (Bootstrap 4)

How to perform a variance partitioning for canonical correspondence ordination models?

R: Sort a string of items alphabetically

How to center text in when there is also a button on the right of

Can a Spring Boot application be terminated within code when Tomcat server cannot start?

Beware of using numpy in python: A serious bug

How do I make an array get a mousestate in Monogames?

Return struct type confirming to protocolsw

Unable to get any data when spark streaming program in run taking source as textFileStream

ASP.NET MVC Enum SelectList with Select Value

AWS invoke a lambda function by another lambda function gives time out output

Should I rely on transitive dependencies in Maven if they come from other sub-module of my parent?

Can't solve error: multiple definition of Qt Creator

Is concurrent file read/write with O_DIRECT flag atomic?

mouseover, click etc .. wont work on subsequent pages

aiohttp + uvloop parallel HTTP requests are slower than without uvloop

drop markers on new thread

Why does function variable can have object property and number variable not?

How can I delete one data in list in loop by using len without error?

How to change property values ​when adding an object to a Hashtable?

Fix a mistake in bipartite matching

Netty - packet drops?

Flickity translate3d affecting other divs


Jasmine - using mockHttp and spyOn

How to make "terraform plan" use my config file

Why my login page is distorted in IE 11

how to convert a json file to tidy format in R

Django: Working With Messages

Spring Data JPA How to use Kotlin nulls instead of Optional

How to check if a collection has changed?

rows of bootstrap header and body not aligning properly in bootstrap responsive table

NodeJS crashed with


$.getJSON works when trying to find all records, but doesnt work when trying to find one specific re

How to get Simple media url from Just custom fields in wordpress

errorSystem.Data.SqlClient.SqlException (0x80131904): Incorrect syntax near the keyword 'User'

Receiving empty json messages from edge device

How to access to font programmatically

SWF convert for SD cARD

how can i print a string intro a spiral?

Marshal byte to enum

Ringtone doesn't be off after canceling alarm

How to split a sparse matrix dataframe into train and test

How to call Task.Run(() => {//Code}); in function return bool

Hiding Title rows of empty data charts

CSS Printing with overflow and margins

MagicZoomPlus - Magento 1 - Tripling Images Error

How to Edit CMPixelBuffer by pixel

How to list the sub-directories (or projects) from a github repository using commands?

why sum(x/y)/n is not equal to sum(x)/sum(y) where x and y are vector of n positive integers?

Android-PHP-JSON: Value [] of type org.json.JSONArray cannot be converted to JSONObject

SocketException: Connection refused using EasyNetQ ManagementClient

Warning:One of the plugins you are using supports Java 8 language features. after update android stu

RSS doesn't render in React component

MotionEvent latency => super visible on MotionEvent.ACTION_UP

Incomplete data return via relationships in Laravel 5.4.*

Index minio Documents Using Elastic-Search

WP Widget Select Box selections not displaying correctly on save

XY Amchart XY chart showing data on hovering perfectly on bullet

Google Cloud Object as Byte

Reading multiple lines of input and save ints into array

Add scroll-to-view feature in amp-html page

How to set parameter && properly retrieve files in using post method to request for file download

Parse a Jason Object in Php

Error when using VariationImages in responseGroup - Amazon Product Advertising API

Django - iterating through generic detailview context in html

Does method release() from MediaPlayer remove audio file from cache?

Add delay within for loop

Pattern Match parameters in a changeset

setScreenname() only fires after logEvent()

Gstreamer losing data when changing filesink

Why am I seeing multi line standard output for what should be a single line writer?

How to ensure a file is only processed once in a build

C++ data containers for embedded systems

How to sent push Notification to all users from firebase when new data add on Database

Make object method code DRY for same events

How to use SPSS with a Java REST Web Service?

issue exists when data to show is more

Sap hana-if condition to return multiple data type

How to get string that will be sent to the MongoDB server in C#?

SQL query to select only results having an exclusive set of related entities from another table

I there any way to send data from child component to its parent component in reactjs

Deleting all of documents in couchDB python

Convert arraylist object to string

Use Divide and Conquer for find a number into matrix sorted

Set the range of x-axis in excel (based on pivot table)

Access global js variables from js injected by a chrome extension

Include country iso code in url in asp.net mvc

Javascript slider does not scroll

VIewPager display error when returns from another fragment

Is it possible to work with 2 variables in a "for loop"?

Name both defined and undefined simultaneously?

How to Export Ag-Grid to PDF Format in Angular 2?

Javascript to Python

UserInteractive=True while running on IIS

Transparent background with color of foreground image

Removing duplicate concatanated values in a sql column

Speed up execution of query to find sequential rows that have a changed value

Can not add a user to group in django using admin site

SSO for O365 and SSRS running on Azure VM

Fat arrow behaviour inside object literal

Xmonad - How do I move mouse pointer as part of ManageHook?

ORA-00001: unique constraint violated - spring data JPA

C# optimization of allocation of objects

install.keras() in R fails with http connection error

Data management with shellscript

Rotation of the bmp file as a 2d array

Update method with nodejs and mongodb

Email Template HTML & CSS (email client) compatibility

Can't access zip file in Background worker in line where it is created

PHP multi array (JSON) from SQL query on three tables

Is it normal if my programs slows down a lot in debugging mode?

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