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issue exists when data to show is more- Sap hana-if condition to return multiple data type- How to get string that will be sent to the MongoDB server in C#?- SQL query to select only results having an exclusive set of related entities from another table- I there any way to send data from child component to its parent component in reactjs- Deleting all of documents in couchDB python- Convert arraylist object to string- Use Divide and Conquer for find a number into matrix sorted- Set the range of x-axis in excel (based on pivot table)- Access global js variables from js injected by a chrome extension- Include country iso code in url in asp.net mvc- Javascript slider does not scroll- VIewPager display error when returns from another fragment- Is it possible to work with 2 variables in a "for loop"?- Name both defined and undefined simultaneously?- How to Export Ag-Grid to PDF Format in Angular 2?- Javascript to Python- UserInteractive=True while running on IIS- Transparent background with color of foreground image- Removing duplicate concatanated values in a sql column- Speed up execution of query to find sequential rows that have a changed value- Can not add a user to group in django using admin site- SSO for O365 and SSRS running on Azure VM- Fat arrow behaviour inside object literal- Xmonad - How do I move mouse pointer as part of ManageHook?- ORA-00001: unique constraint violated - spring data JPA- C# optimization of allocation of objects- install.keras() in R fails with http connection error- Data management with shellscript- Rotation of the bmp file as a 2d array- Update method with nodejs and mongodb- Email Template HTML & CSS (email client) compatibility- Can't access zip file in Background worker in line where it is created- PHP multi array (JSON) from SQL query on three tables- Is it normal if my programs slows down a lot in debugging mode?- PIDSTAT outputs a data line at next time-slice compared to header line- How to determine if a deserialised object is a subclass or a superclass in Java?- Delete multiple users in the database using NodeJS- gcloud compute disks create with name persistent-disk-1- Bindservice requires enable set to be true- start nodebb.service failed with error Service hold-off time over, scheduling restart- implement design to expandable text view when the textview is collapsed and expanded- LibGDX: Where is the X-/Y-Coordinate of a camera?- HTTP Requests Differentiate Laravel Routes- VS Code extension API: Is it possible to extend/enhance the existing file explorer?- How to convert list to string?- Different filter to every pixel using tensorflow - non local means algorithm- Select record from sql server like bewlow data- Blink ImageLoader's image on button click listener- Simple Rating Star CSS- Model Coordinates to World Coordinates in OpenGL- jquery magnific popup gives error on click of product image zoom/search icon :The image could not be loaded- Are programming languages confounding relations and functions?- Allocate space in struct for char* array- How to hide URL Selector content tab?- I have a tensor each element a separate image, how to traverse through the tensor and use it to process- Use Userdueflts on a struct (swift4)- Can you peek/read data in a named pipe without it's handle?- listener for android spinner change activity- Batch file to delete all files in directory except for system files- WooCommerce Hook into Category Info- How to implement NSCoding in a custom subclass (Swift 3, 4)- English font working but non english (hindi) font not displaying in webview- java.lang.IllegalArgumentException error whicle consuming a webservice from PLSQL- Upload video to Azure blob storage with pre generated SAS token- principal component analysis image processing line drawings R- Print stdClass object from sub array in php- Navigation is blocked error on Chrome 61 on Android- How to manage tcp node-red connections?- Read text in excell cell, then find corresponding folder- Periodic long polling with while loop [duplicate]- Can I run a bash script to set an ENV variable in my Dockerfile?- Adding custom claims with Identity Server 4- Can I use the Alexa API to help make a machine learning model better?- Testing Angular 4 HttpTestingController with catch and _throw error logic- Arcmap colors are appearing faded- Can we use Cassandra for managing persistent entity and MySQL for readside- Is it good approach to store all ViewModels in a CoreViewModel in order to provide communication between each other?- Allow only read/write of one child- Teamcity delete undeletable parameters- App coded on Xamarin ios AppStore reject reason EXC_CRASH (SIGABRT)- How to use min-height media queries- How to fetch single image from an array of inserted Images in laravel?- how to wrtie a Linux command in a Dockfile- Post files from thr input generated by ng-repeat- Not getting Location- How to install OpenCv 3.1.0 without root permissions ?- Eclipse Oxygen freezes when writing with PyDev- Service on Android Oreo- C++ Array to print lowest to greatest- Creating interactive maps in R - which is the best?- Getting Started with Python but want to implement Web services with Sql backend- The "Confirm" parameter can't be used on the "Set-Mailbox"- Syntax of for loops in R- Adding a custom yasnippet directory to `Spacemacs`- Merging data.tables containing date columns with rbindlist- How to avoid simultaneous threads accessing the same file on c++?- How to display json web response in angular template?- select2: Big JSON object as data source slows down page load- What's the best practice for passing along global configurations such as login data?- Full list of Targeting Audience options/parameters Facebook Marketing api- Disable QGraphicsScene autoscale- Cluster time-series according to their covariance matrix- How do I display real-time graphs from fetching data from excel file and plotting the data after 5 sec in graph using python- Fetch jsonArray without loop in Android- send messages from sim card without provider and without gsm using mvc- MySQL Invoice numbers range with count- Sequelize association with one table "hasMany" other tables- Libgdx change texture pixel colors - Simplest way- Babel - Cannot read property 'TYPED_ARRAY_SUPPORT' of undefined- Creating two dimensional list not working as expected- Firing and Capturing of Custom RoutedCommands within CustomControls for MenuItems- How to ignore variable not in the checkpoint with tf.Estimator?- item passed is of type 'System.Collections.Generic.List`1 but this dictionary requires a model item of type 'GL.Entities.Staff'- Natural join mysql 5.6- NCrunch + ReSharper: how to prevent rebuild after reformation?- Unable to connect android socket connection over Cellular network- How to downgrade Asp.Net Identity V2.0 to V1.0?- In form view, how to put the template_name on the current page- case statement and comparison operator- How to have SQL query with 2 subqueries divided- How to decrypt data without iv(initialization vector) in Android?- Angular 2 Converting String to date- Why is the reverse function in Haskell not working?- new version of php causing error with preg_replace- how to create nsarray from an array in of a ns dictionary?- How to skip off date in timescaledata(read mpp file) using c#- This error never goes away: Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function mysql_connect() [duplicate]- MySQL select the largest value along with greater-than clause?- How to make flask code run automatically at a specific time every week?- Attempted to call an undefined method named "getQuery" of class "EntidadesBundleEntityRoles"- Java, change variable value- CPU high load native_queued_spin_lock- How to select element by 'role' attribute and filter by class with vanilla JS?- Hiding iframe id after page reload using jQuery- Pandas: Calling df.loc[] from an index consisting of pd.datetime- How to parse raw HTTP POST form data in Python?- react native android installing the application(react-native run-android)- set condition for fetch array data- Android Studio 2.3.3 IDE Error- Angular 2 testing - testing works perfectly fine when whenStable function is called not within a async function- Redirect to the same page after getting ajax success response in laravel- KDB how to get previous business day- How to make a mass renaming of directories and subfolders?- Fine Uploader - upload all files in one folder- Jquery FadeIn() method happening twice- Ionic going to rootPage after saving information?- Property binding not detecting change within observable- UpdateProgress not working- Truffle: Error: The contract code couldn't be stored, please check your gas amount- Javascript, when do callback functions enter event queue?- Which RPA tool should I learn being a C# Developer- npm3 install error in angular-cli- Responsive bootstrap design causing divs to shift with addition of help-block- check manufacturing date is printed or not using image processing.- How do i install dns, dhcp and mail services in ubuntu server- How to call parametrized constructor of one class in another class in Java- Postgresql subquery- Instantiate one of many derived classes - C#- C++ access class method by pointer in class-templated function- Android canvas not drawing on bitmap in another method- Send dynamic senders spring- Call static method from Html renderaction c# mvc- ngFor depends on another ngFor to finish rendering - getting ExpressionChangedAfterItHasBeenCheckedError [Angular 2]- How to return numpy array of minimums of k intervals within numpy array?- Use Applescript to create filtered table in Numbers- Scan for duplicates within 2 arrays C- HTML / PHP - Google API- { symbol not accepting in eclipse?- How can I count them? jQuery selectors- Object variable with or with block not set- Find and get element from site with Selenium- AngularJS drag and drop Checking whether the item raised has a class- Return from loop but the execution of loop not effects?- With Framework V2, trying to get an instance of EntityManagerFactory to be used with endpoint gives java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError- Screenshot Beta: Get screenshot of whole image- How to specify TO value for Double Animation as Auto WPF- Booting on USB by default- Save multiple dynamically added file in mongoose- Android: contact content resolver returns 0 contacts- Commerce paypal WPS not convert unsupported currency- Opencart - Content Encoding Error- How do I access the facebookId object?- how can i get value of object start with @- How to limit text length in gridview and make cells square- weblogic server 11g force shutting down error automatically after username and password enter- how to Prioritize message driven beans to consume multiple JMS queues?- Jquery AJAX request will not show JSON retrieved using "dataType": "json", but will retrieve JavaScript object- Bizarre behavior in the for loop using their stride iterator- rails rspec and capybara testing search box input- Defining parameters for wrk and wrk2 vs other load test tools- How to make api call to Instagram with axios without CORS error- View changes after search and replace on Vim?- Undefined is not an object (evaluating 'this.props.navigation')- Trying to set up a digital repository- How can a Visual Studio Code extension directly add key bindings- ReactJS onClick trigger does not fire itself- Accessing link elements from a DivElement- Typsecript Equivalent of Ruby's ||=- Tell me how to properly parse ViewController PFObject,PFSubclassing?- SED find / replace code in php script- Click outside menu to close it- getting an ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 0 error in the code [duplicate]- Remove Border surrounding character in Image using matlab- Java object name- Android: Fatal Exception: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError (4.4.2 on Samsung)- Too few parameters Expected 1, when using parameters for input- Weird behaviour with bash script for file arguments- Stop querying data once reached the end- OCaml apply anonymous function without argument n-times?- Change background-color when div is bigger than parent- How to extract specific values when making a summary table (using summarize_all) in R?- lockCanvas() returns null when surface is valid- How separate assignment of a value to a Variable and computational graph in TensroFlow?- Google Chrome extention blocking ads- RestComm SIpServlet - Sip Servlet as Application Server in IMS network- How do i round values inside calc?- what is the mathematical formula used in difflib.SequenceMatcher to find the ratio?- How to remove attachment from email raw content- How to start more than 16 Android emulators- Python regex to convert particular pattern inside a file- alignParentBottom with toggling visibility- Flask app for assignment throws value error. View function did not return a response- OWASP_PHP_Filters is spitting out sanitize.php file's contents upon registration- how does matplotlib.pyplot.imshow 'squeeze' the data when there is not enough resolution to show all data?- Online resources for learning PHP and MySQL with security in mind?- google sheets triggers for email notification- Update previous row- Redux-form is really good? Doesn't it re-render all page in the case when we use react-router?- CKeditor is still parsing CSS Clasess after removing stylesheetparser plugin in Django- How can I get the contents of a C# project directory from another project?- Pass blocks with latex commands verbatim when converting from kramdown- send logged in user information to html page- What is TFS lacking for formal Requirements Management?- JavaFX build Windows Self-Contained Application Package under Linux with maven- Extracting regular expression in Python- How to accelerate the make procedure ?- CSS remove HTML elements that contain only a - Angular 2 - Sweet alert call back function not working- Could not load the "" image referenced from a nib in the bundle with identifier ""- Fast file writing in scala?- How to remove the selected option on cloned and restore the previous selected option when new option is selected- Unable to get jsondata in swift 3?- SQL Existing Object Error- Renaming file upload before send with jquery and laravel- create a new Calendar event from iOS- Navigation controller background image repeat it self in ios 11 using xcode 9- Spring Like Security in IOS- How do I set an array size with a variable? C++- How to set a Secure and HTTP Flag on a Cooki only when it doesnt have one? ( .htaccess )- Cloud Firestore 'Oops, collections failed to load!'- C# Multiple keystrokes using SendKeys- Trying to run Python on Android - With cmake- Can anyone explain this C# quirk?- scrapy shell doesn't use ipython- Convert recursive function to for and while loop [Python]- Copy Website to new Directory- Managing device groups on Android client apps- Merge two rows in sql join statement- Different content in popup- Gorilla Mux Subroute Methods POST request trigger GET- how can I write a database schema using rest apis?- Facebook login - error message: Value of optional type 'Any?' not unwrapped; did you mean to use '!' or '?'?- 【pyspark】org.apache.spark.SparkException: Failed to execute user defined function($anonfun$11: (vector) => vector)- How to fix checkbox in form- In Android styles.xml, how to reference another style attribute from my custom style?- Too few blocks for viable filesystem on 32GB SD- Using STL loader with angular- passing a parameter with file in argument in terminal- How to get a list of dbids contained in a layer?- How to use route path in express?- Test AngularJS - Easy?- python mysql insert float variables error- Web Facebook login using angular 4 : Window not defined in script- CKAsset Not Working on Apple Watch- Define specific Operators in c++- Null Pointer Exception when sending persistent data via Volley- Running Flink Job when Taskmanager killed / loss- Hide imports again inside a python module via 'del'- Lowercase to uppercase letters problems in C - segmentation fault- make a customized titlebar with 2 spinners and menu button- Adding CSS to EJS- How To Select all row from mysql table that contains atleast one value greater than search value?- Send greeting to a newly connected client- Webstorm React native emmet expansion for styling- Using async await on custom promise- Insert value with NOT IN- How to make http call in service but get response by the controller? AngularJS- Why does metaclass with object base raise metaclass conflict?- Button with opaque background and transparent shape- SQL, Select Distinct and Left in one- Meteor collection hook for upsert- Does list comprehension always create list in python?- Abstracting component-methods in Component Based frameworks & Redux- Why my Details view is showing nothing data but the Tag- Jquery - Enable/Disable randomly generated Text & Radio Inputs with Checkbox- avoid globlal in module and pass data between routes- How to prevent php from executing variable declaration- Regular Expression for Simple Maths Equation parser in Java- How do I put my output in table format using a vertical line with left and vertical tab borders?- Applying a prebuilt theme in Angular 2 does not change anything- Disabling checkbox from multiple conditions- I'm stuck on how to do removeElement and getElements- How selective set MaintainAspectRatio in Chart.JS- Not able to execute any oledb commands- Window resizing issue macOS app with High Sierra- JAVA: multiple arrays sorted by a single element value- Tensorflow breaks pip on anaconda, windows os- Share xmlhttprequest progress between tabs- About the "scope" of instance and class variables- How to properly implement Xamarin NetworkServiceDiscovery via DependencyService?- Passing object variable in apollo garphql angular gives invalid value- Crawl the value of into ?- pip install django~=1.11.0 command = AttributeError: 'tuple' object has no attribute 'filename'- Regex to pass Apache each line in logs file- Xstream and Inheritance- Images blinks on scroll ? (Withot using lazy-load)- Data parsing using hive query- cloning a tcp/ip packet with python- I can't see AdMob ads and test ads- How to a create custom view with loading animation - filling custom text from left to right?- Javascript selection undefined- Group two tables in one query [MYSQL]- Angular 4 - How to check if observable contains a string- Android 8.0 Oreo - Accounts- How insert header and footer in officejs from ooxml of full document- difference between two types of javascript function declaration- How to permanently commit and push git hook file?- Creating Table: ORA-00936: missing expression- Basic behavior of protractor with functions outside of the it block- Data frame to numeric in R?- Calculating total of a column in sql- Setup authenticate_user for an entire namespace- How to construct string in java- Software file version(embedded c)- How to query monthly reports?- python keyerror with dataframe loc and apply lambda- Script and Noscript tags- Using For Loop to insert +1 id- C++ | Reuse conditions- Naming inserted worksheet like another worksheet- coldfusion ajax json data return data not in proper format- Listview items are in wrong order and constantly changing order- How to permanently display a div- Short Hand JavaScript IF Else- VBScript Read more than one recent files in a folder- Passing PHP class as parameter?- one line command to execute multiple ssh command- Jupyter Notebook + iPython Widgets - Dynamic Number of Widgets- React Google Recaptcha- Javascript mouseover only working on first element- Speed up the computation for numpy.asarray- Debugger doesn't stop at break points in PyCharm CE - using python 3.6.2 in mac- Unable to replace fragment inside ViewPager- How to parse JSON on Java- Zerobrane Corona sdk live buils debug- postgressql automatic timezone conversion to local- PHP Startup: Unable to load dynamic library '/usr/lib/php/20151012/php_pdo_mysql.dll'- getting image width and height during upload javascript- numpy weighted average for calculating weighted mean squared error- Fragment loses Activity while networking (android)- Very slow performance when compiling dataframe- java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: ars3wapi32 still after updating path variable- Simple Python Percentage- Spring - JPA - Transactions- how to load dynamic data on scroll down using angular?- Javascript sort array of objects on key values- How to filter certain DataRows in a Data Table- Panel to Bitmap and vice versa- OpenShift Migration - ENV Variables In Conf File NOT Replaced As Before- How to configure the port to be exposed for dockerized Rasa-NLU- Bug on Character movement- Test Redis with Jest- PHP function output sent as variable across GET- Adding two fields while filtering and converting a field to an appropriate type- How to exclude other @Controller from my context when testing using Spring Boot @WebMvcTest- str_replace on billing_phone field at woocommerce- How to exclude certain columns of a pandas dataframe?- i cant use template function pointer- WooCommerce Add To Cart URL adding multiple items- d3 transition never calls on("end")- How to compute the integer square root of a number in x86-64, without using div?- Simple tab not working without UI using jquery and If the user already logged in then directly jump to the second tab- How github relate with npm? | npm ERR! Failed using git. | material.angular.io- iOS 11 Safari Background Actovity- Inter-module symbol resolution error of template type-parameter when using mixins- Php-Di annotations performance- How can I create Portrait game assets to have same with gap for both iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone X?- URL Routing with asp.net- Pyodbc result to a diccionary- Move only pdf file from a folder- Control creation in .designer.cs- jqgrid: getCell always returns false- Automation of code writing. Where to begin?- Syntax error isn't executing while i try to create a table using a variable [duplicate]- How to use a single Session variable for keeping the records of multiple Admin logins in ASP.NET (MVC)?- On Creating Recyclerview on below the child of ExpandableListview its position is messed up- Edit all ressource Mailbox settings of all the available ressource mailboxes in Powershell at once- how to count specific coumns row data in mysql without any conditons in php pdo?- populate values to a drop down from database table in jhipster- Make a thread generate fixed number of requests per second- iOS simulator showing message at bottom of screen. Xcode 9- how to make video of the running script using protractor?- LDAP Gerrit projects are saved?- SQL return in fix format while matching content with from other table- android VoicemailContract package- HTTP Status 404 - /ssssnpm//promotional.jsp error- Rails 5.1.: get records from association for each datetime interval- Triple DES Encryption of String To 8 byte hex- CMS for managing results of a college?- http2 doesn't work on nginx 1.12 - debian8- RPScreenRecorder Recording alert text change- How to upload Image in localhost database in the form of string from android? Not Path only image- Activating a radiobutton in SAPUI5- Error Store Address Not Aligned on Word Boundary MIPS- Django form field validation and auth password validation- How t dynamically assign values to 2d array in python- Tempvars resetting to null when multithreading- Reading Chinese characters in R using readChar()- Is there a way to export RDLC report to JPEG format in asp.net- Android O auto location suggest feature, how to turn off- operational error with Digital ocean and django- Have validated methods using @Builder for different use cases- how to get client IP in JavaScript , angularjs2 and restrict access to other users.- Akka Streams Error Handling- CSS tabs load content via a PHP condition- HTML Site. When switching monitors dispay is different?- Artifactory/Jenkins Upload Spec using classifier?- How can I create my own API for live football scores feed- Regex to match all sequences of words- SCRAPY - how to set a default path for project creation- Resource Intensive Query- How to use "tf.nn.atrous_conv2d" convolution function in tensorflow?- How to change image based on last 3 characters of URL- java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: okhttp3.OkHttpClient$Builder- Python won't create / write to a file- MIP's multiply x*y and divide by z- Issue with MS Graph Onenote get Notebooks API- Processing.org 3 and loading Java properties file?- How to restrict specail character Grave accent (backtick) in text box using angular js- Phonetic search for polish language- Open Source: Pull request to freeCodeCamp guide - how to proceed- doubts on AtomicInteger and on printing a bidimensional array- Could not load type module C#- Faulty arraylist program?- Sort by newest date using php- I need my code checked (Generic Cheese Shop-Java) [on hold]- Errors while installing node package manager- How to set a path to virtual environment for sublime text 3 plugin to work correctly- Training data for multi-class multi-label classification- Cannot Mail filter using Forti Mail Gateway- How to keep password in aws while deploying in codigneter?- print the full line of the file if a string matched from another file in unix shell scripting- Vbscript to delete a folder- Edit Document Stored in ECM from remote application- Wordpress some Custom CSS not working- Deploying React app to Github User Page- to call a div or Section from another page- Fullcalendar loading function- Teradata : Error while converting Interval HOUR(2) TO MINUTE- SELECTING with multiple WHERE conditions on different columns- Getting errors in a program with functions of modify, swap, and checking to see if there are duplicate ids- Meteor / Apollo: SSL Forcing HTTPS onto Same Port as WSS?- Showing bootstrap popover in jqgrid- SugarORM not working- How to implement async subscriber?- streaming in media player- host client script gets empty string response from dockerized server script- How to modify this SQL statement- Enforce pagination in graphene relay.ConnectionField- how to get data from excel to soapui request- Restrict global color transition on certain elements- Error: missing read template file (hjs)- JSON preview is not working in Chrome Dev Tools- Chrome inline extension installation error- sidebar showing when the page loads for the first time- C code gives dferent ouput- java future spring Async get thread name- jQuery .each function don't work properly on html table- call to undefined function curl_init() while using sms api- Disable swiping multi items on SwipeDelegate- ACF to LUCEE conversion- I want to convert user/staff names into short names using functions- Trouble debugging a NullPointrException- Sort list of string with respect to number string and letter string- Make character look at player?- Python igraph calculate modularity for each cluster- How to split/divide a string of array into two groups with Javascript- How do I conditionally format text in Shiny given a lookup of hex codes?- Is it possible to check if every element in one array is greater than every element in another array's permutation in linear time?- Python Dataframe - Trouble understanding and decoding the error- Custom Results for VoiceRecogniser in android- Prevent text from being cut off by background padding- Waffle Web Application SSO Authentication- Query for getting average velocity- Catching error and throwing custom error message in while calling angular http post method- Laravel 5.4 Multiple Authentication is is not working propoerly.- Center title in MDL- Kivy iOS not building- Create an array of Objects' keys from an array of Objects- فهرست موضوعی