Convert Arcminute / Second to decimal (irregular format)

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    I'm dealing with some irregular and poorly thought through data with GPS coordinates and I need to make them more useable and pipeable.

    I've been basing my work on the angle2dec function that I found on here:

    angle2dec <- function(angle) {
      angle <- as.character(angle)
      x <-, strsplit(angle, split=' '))
      #decimal points where they should and should not be here
      #causes my issue as i can't use a consistent string split
      #character.  splitting the first 3 '.' occurrences might work
      x <- apply(x, 1L, function(y) {
        y <- as.numeric(y)
        y[1] + y[2]/60 + y[3]/3600

    However my data is not nicely formatted. A coordinate looks like this:


    The ang2dec function works for coordinates that follow this format:

    ang2dec('53 17 35.852') = 53.29329

    (This is the correct result)

    Clearly the problem is the poor choice of formatting of the coordinate. Can anyone suggest a way that I can convert the first format of coordinate into the second or propose changes to the ang2dec function that would include the functionality that I am looking for?

    asked 11 secs ago

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