Installing MediaWiki on Mamp for Windows, fileinfo.dll is needed and not loading

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New to PHP, more of a tech then a developer.

I am using MAMP for Windows, (not WAMP, but the Windows build of MAMP). I am trying to install a local copy of MediaWiki on my Windows 10 box, (PHP v7.17/Apache). I get a nag on the startup script that fileinfo is required and missing. I have un-commented the fileinfo line in the PHP.INI file and restarted the server with no success. I have verified that the fileinfo.dll is in the PHP /EXT folder. Is there any way to verify that my expected version of PHP.INI is loading and that fileinfo.dll is loading?

I currently have Wordpress running on the same instance of MAMP with no issues. (Separate directory)

Thanks in advance.

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