Bootstrap buttons and dropdowns not clickable and HTML page showing old data upon loading

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I wrote my HTML and Bootstrap codes in Notepad++ and moved the html file to my Raspberry Pi because I am running the codes by using Flask and Python. Initially when I ran the html and bootstrap codes on my Raspberry Pi, they worked. And then I again wrote the codes on NotePad++ after making some edits in it and I sent the file to Raspberry Pi, none of the buttons or dropdown are clickable. And the HTML page initially shows the old data on reload and then after I refresh it, it shows the updated data. I had encountered this problem before as well when the buttons were working though. I don't know what I am doing wrong because the codes look right to me and the page is loading when I run on my Pi.

Here are parts of the codes:

        Smart Agriculture





When I run a basic code like this without Bootstrap(using the same links), it works and the buttons perform the required actions:

  {{ title }}






The date and time on the server is: {{ time }}

{{ text }}

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