Using SlimDX with XBOX One controller and window focus on Windows 10

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    I am trying to use SlimDX to capture XBOX One controller inputs. I am tying it to a C# WinForms application. The issue I am having is: When the form has focus, it captures inputs just fine. When the window loses focus, I don't get any feedback. On Windows 7, this isn't an issue.

    I have tried other controllers on Windows 10: PS4, Logitech, Steering Wheels, etc... Everything works as expected: When the window loses focus, I still get feedback. It's just the XBOX One controller on Windows 10.

    I thought maybe it had something to do with this line:

    dev.SetCooperativeLevel(_ctlParent, CooperativeLevel.Background | CooperativeLevel.Nonexclusive);

    But, even if I take that line out, everything still acts the same.

    Is there anyone else familiar with this issue that has figured out a work around?

    asked 22 secs ago

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