CodeDeploy on Windows EC2 Permission Denied

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Just looking for some advice on doing CodeDeploy on Windows. I've used it for a year on Linux boxes, this is my first Windows Server on EC2 and I can't seem to get past "Permission Denied" errors.

I've changed the permissions in Windows on the folders, but the Deploy is failing on the Install step on CodeDeploy.

Error CodeUnknownError
Script Name
MessagePermission denied - c:/inetpub/render
Log Tail


version: 0.0
os: windows
 - source: /
   destination: /inetpub/render
    - location: aws/scripts/deploy.bat
      runas: administrator
      timeout: 1200

I've tried both Windows and Linux style pathing (C:inetpubrender) because examples aren't clear, but nothing has worked.

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