Auto increment a table column using python

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In Hive I have a table called test. In this table I want to have 5 columns.

ID, start_time, end_time, min_value, max_value.

Now using Pyspark I want to populate this table.

I am doing like below in my python file:


sqlContext.sql("insert into table testing.test select '{}','{}','{}','{}','{}'".format(id,start_time,end_time,min_value,max_value))

In this above script start_time, end_time, min_value, max_value I will get these values as part of the script.

Now what I want is the column should be Auto incremented when ever there is an insert statement is being executed then there should be id value added to it.

Is it possible to that using python? if yes then

How can I do auto increment for column ID in my script

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