Deploying monkey server on ARM with FastCGI

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    I'm facing a configration problem here.
    What i'm trying to do is to deploy my own web server application using the fcgi librarie on ARM target (OS : Busybox)
    here's my hello world program :

    #define printf(...) FCGX_FPrintF(request->out, __VA_ARGS__)
    #define get_param(KEY) FCGX_GetParam(KEY, request->envp)
    void handle_request(FCGX_Request *request) {
        char *value;
        printf("Content-Type: text/plainrnrn");
        if ((value = get_param("REQUEST_METHOD")) != NULL) {
            printf("%s ", value);
        if ((value = get_param("REQUEST_URI")) != NULL) {
            printf("%s", value);
        if ((value = get_param("QUERY_STRING")) != NULL) {
            printf("?%s", value);
        if ((value = get_param("SERVER_PROTOCOL")) != NULL) {
            printf(" %s", value);
    int main(void) {
        int sock;
        FCGX_Request request;
        sock = FCGX_OpenSocket(":2005", 5);
        FCGX_InitRequest(&request, sock, 0);
        while (FCGX_Accept_r(&request) >= 0) {
        return EXIT_SUCCESS;

    here's my monkey.conf :

    # Monkey HTTP Daemon - Configuration
    # ==================================
    # These are the main variables and their descriptions, defined in respect
    # to the configuration of the different types of directives.
        # Port:
        Port 2001
        # Listen:
        # Workers:
        Workers 1
        # Timeout:
        Timeout 15
        # PidFile:
        PidFile /var/run/
        # UserDir:
        UserDir public_html
        # Indexfile:
        Indexfile index.html index.htm index.php
        # HideVersion:
        HideVersion on
        Resume on
        User www-data
        KeepAlive off
        KeepAliveTimeout 5
        MaxKeepAliveRequest 1000
        MaxRequestSize 32
        SymLink Off
        TransportLayer liana
        DefaultMimeType text/plai
        FDT On

    and my /sites/default configuration :

    # Default Host - Configuration
    # ============================
    # Here the variable principals of the program are defined in respect
    # to the configuration of the different types of directives.
        # ServerName:
        # DocumentRoot:
        DocumentRoot /var/www/
        # Redirect:
        # AccessLog:
        AccessLog /var/log/access.log
        # ErrorLog:
        ErrorLog /var/log/error.log
        404  404.html
        # Per-vhost CGI matching, same rules as with the global match
        # Match /cgi-bin/.*.cgi
    #    Match  *  fastcgi

    I can't get how to configure your monkey to catch url and execute the C program .
    If anyone got skills with FastCGI and Monkey, help is needed !!
    At least how to configure it properly.

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