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Scratch CD-ROM / Sector by sector reading / SCSI command

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I'm trying to recover data from a slightly scratched CD-ROM.

I've tested without success various free or proprietary software without success (the recover process couldn't even start). I tried to figure out what happened and so far and I've discovered that the size of the CD-ROM was 0. SCSI command READ CD CAPACITY returns 0 Logical Block Addresses / LBA. The CD is not empty, and was not formatted for info.

Consequently all reading access via READ CD SCSI command raise exceptions because asked LBA are out of range.

I also tried SCSI command : READ CD MSF command in order to address directly the physical addresses without considering the logical addresses. Unsuccessfully, it raises the same error out of range error based on LBA ?)

Any idea or help is welcome !

Thanks in advance.

asked 11 secs ago
Vincent C.

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