How xlrd stores data from excle sheet via sheet.row() or sheet.col()

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I was writing a function importing data from excle sheet

def get_data_excel(path,sheet):
book=xlrd.open_workbook(path)       #opens the excle document
sheet=book.sheet_by_index(sheet-1)  #def. the sheet where the data are stored
data=[list() for f in range(nocol)] #creating a empty list where all collumns are stored as lists
for j in range(nocol):              #filling the emty lists in the list data
return data

This returns a list-list like this: [[text:'Oxygen', number:17, number:13],[text:'Nigrogen', number:12, number:10],...]

Question: I was wondering, why it does that and how to use the lableing of the date. E.g. to get only the text from the list or only number...?

thx maths

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Matthias K

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