quickfixj initiator disconnecting due to low seqnum too low

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quickfixj initiator getting Disconnecting: Encountered END_OF_STREAM while trying to logon to the acceptor. We are using vendor's fix engine as acceptor. and feedback from acceptor is that logon request for xxxx was not accepted, incoming too small, expect 305, received 27.

I read the quickfix documentation but didn't get it exactly what's the proper solution for the sequence number mismatch. I understand that if I am disconnected, my initiator will send an 35=4 for resend with initiator side seqnum asking acceptor to resend the messages and fill up the gap. But in what case, if initiator is sending a lower seqnum will be rejected by acceptor and refuse the connection? And what's the proper procedure to handle this kind of rejection and reconnect? In order to not loose any message, how should both side do the reset and fill the gap? In case there is a break between the initiator and acceptor, what's the recommended solution to keep the messages in sync and not loosing any?

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