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Hello I'm using this lib to create a soap server:

var app = express();  
app.listen(9000, function(){
   app.use(bodyParser.raw({type: function(){return true;}, limit: '5mb'}));     
   soap.listen(app, '/myservice', service, xml);

I send null data using Soap UI like:

When I see the parameter on server I see this:

InvoiceID: { attributes: [Object] }

Also, when I return null in the service I get this


How I can handle null values correctly? I need to get a null when I send null and if my service responds null I need only null

Can someone give me an advice? Thanks!

asked 1 min ago
Alejandro Mosquera

نویسنده : استخدام کار بازدید : 29 تاريخ : دوشنبه 3 ارديبهشت 1397 ساعت: 9:15

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