Plotting Large CSV File Data on Time Horizon by Specific Variable

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I am trying to plot data from a CSV file (chicago.csv) that has 674,720 rows of data. There are many columns, but the most important has a header of "Primary," and this column lists the type of crimes committed. The four types of crime in my dataset are "Homicide," "Arson," "Assault," and "Robbery." There is another column which displays the date the crime was committed. My goal is to plot these crimes by date to show potential trends and if possible, to make predictions. I am looking to use R (RStudio) and Python (Spyder) for this exercise. However, I know this is a large dataset and one of my questions is, is it possible to plot this much data? The end goal is to be able to predict crimes in Chicago during the week of May 1st by crime type. I am unsure of where to begin or what I can do to make this easier. Can someone show me how to do this correctly?

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