Request timeout for icmp_seq on MacOS

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    It all started when I was trying to connect to a VM setup on GCP for SFTP only. Everytime I try to check SSH or setup an SFTP on this machine, it becomes unreachable (and its reachable and well connected on my friend's laptop at the same time).

    Request timeout for icmp_seq 0
    Request timeout for icmp_seq 1

    I can ping other VMs and also able to SSH into them.

    I thought the problem might be with my router. So I used my phone HOTSPOT to connect to internet and tried again. It still did not work. Moreover to my surprise I got same timeouts when I ping (strange, because I am able to use internet through chrome browser).

    Other details:

    • MacBook Pro, High Sierra
    • Airtel Broadband/ Vodafone (HOTSPOT)
    • Firewall is off.

    Others seem to have faced a similar issue (but I could not find any satisfactory answer in these links):

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