server is unwilling to perform - Can not create user object in active state

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    I have managed to connect, quarry and add to AD. When adding an account with exampleA(look down) attributes set I have no problem, however when I add:

    $this->newUserEntry["UserAccountControl"] = 512; //LDAP will disable the account by default, This will create it in an enabled state

    I get the following warning from ldap_add() and user object is not created:

    Server is unwilling to perform


            $this->buildUserDN();// build distinguished name according to department name
            $this->getManagerDN();// find DN of the manager
            $this->setLogonScript();// set Logon Script
            $this->newUserEntry["objectclass"][0] = "top";
            $this->newUserEntry["objectclass"][1] = "person";
            $this->newUserEntry["objectclass"][2] = "organizationalPerson";
            $this->newUserEntry["objectclass"][3] = "user";
            //---------General Tab-----------------------------------------
            $this->newUserEntry['givenname'] = $this->givenName; //first name
            $this->newUserEntry['sn'] = $this->sn; // last name
            $this->newUserEntry["displayname"] = $this->sn.', '.$this->givenName; // display name - Format: Meow, Test
            $this->newUserEntry["physicalDeliveryOfficeName"] = $this->location; //office
            $this->newUserEntry["mail"] = $this->userMail;
            $this->newUserEntry["mailNickname"] = $this->userMail; // user mail
            //Change this to mobile field
            $this->newUserEntry["telephoneNumber"] = '9897157910'; // user phone
            //----------Account Tab----------------------------------------
            $this->newUserEntry["userPrincipalName"] = $this->samaccountname.''; //User logon name
            $this->newUserEntry["sAMAccountname"] = $this->samaccountname; //pre windows 2007 logon name
            //----------profile Tab-----------------------------------------
            $this->newUserEntry["scriptPath"] = $this->scriptPath; //Log on script
            //----------Organization Tab------------------------------------
            $this->newUserEntry["title"] = $this->title;
            $this->newUserEntry["department"] = $this->department; // department
            $this->newUserEntry["company"] = "Open Doors Test"; // Company name
            $this->newUserEntry["manager"] = $this->managerDn; // name of the manager

    What I have tried:

    1-Setting password attribute:

    I taught that this is happening because I do not have password attribute set, so I tried adding a password with hashing and without hashing:

    $this->newUserEntry["userPassword"] = '{MD5}' . base64_encode(pack('H*',md5($this->password))); //md5HASH - hash the password

    Again both attempts it failed and like before if I would remove account control user object was created with no issues.

    2- Make sure the connection is over SSL:

    I changed the way I was connecting via LDAP:


    ldap_connect('ldap://'. $this->dnToConnect)


    ldap_connect('ldap://'. $this->dnToConnect, 636)

    I also ran nmap -p 636 to make sure the port is open and I can make a connection.

    Notes: I can make accounts, disable and enable them manually, so the problem should not be with the user and password that I am using to bind.

    Bloob is about to pop, any help would be appreciate it.

    asked 2 mins ago

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