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    I know that I can link to a position on a webpage by using an id. But is it possible for me to do that using a class.

    With an id it looks like this: href=#id. First you put the #, which is the id selector, and then the id.

    This works out very nice with id's because there's only one on a page. But there are usually multiple instances of a class, so in javascript to specify a single one you do class[index].

    With this in mind, I would assume that to link to classes I would do this: href=.class[index]. The . is the class selector, and [index] is to specify which class I'm pointing to.

    This obviously doesn't work (why else am I asking the community), so what I'm asking, in short, is: How do I get a link within a webpage that only has a class as a selector.

    asked 1 min ago
    Benzion Gross

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