Collection_select doesn't let me select when multiple => true

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    This is the template with multiple => true, but when i remove the multiple the selection tray works perfectly and takes in a single value. What i need is multiple options to be selected and to be stored in the confirer_string as a string.

    <%= form_with(model: @base, local: true) do |form| %>
      <%= form.label :description %>
      <%= form.text_field :description, id: :base_tbl_description %>
      <%= form.label :confirer_string %>
      <%= form.collection_select(:confirer_string, Confirmer.all , :position, :name,{ :prompt => "Please select" }, { :multiple => true } ) %>
      <%= form.submit %>
    <% end %>

    Is it a problem since i'm not using id's but integer fields. And one more thing :confirer_string is of type string.

    asked 1 min ago
    gunder gobi

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