How to implement NSCoding in a custom subclass (Swift 3, 4)

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    I'm working on a project (Swift 4) and I want to save an array of custom Objects which are displayed on a table view. To do that, I have to adopt the NSCoding protocol, which in my super class works perfectly. But if I try to adopt the NSCoding protocol to my subclass, I get the error, that the additional property, which is not in the super class, was not initialized.

    Here some example code, which should represent my problem.

    //The first class of Objects I want to save
    class Vehicle: NSObject, NSCoding {
       var wheels: Int
       var color: String
       init(wheels: Int, color: String) {
          self.wheels = wheels
          self.color = color
       required init(coder aDecoder: NSCoder) {
        if let wheelsInt = aDecoder.decodeInteger(forKey: "wheels") {
            wheels = wheelsInt
        if let colorObj = aDecoder.decodeObject(forKey:"colour") as? String {
            color = colorObj
        func encode(with aCoder: NSCoder) {
             aCoder.encode(self.wheels, forKey: "wheels")
             aCoder.encode(self.color, forKey: "color")
    //The second class of Objects I want to save
    class Car: Vehicle {
        var manufacturer: String //that's the additional property
        init(wheels: Int, color: String, manufacturer: String) {
             self.manufacturer = manufacturer
             super.init(name: name, verfuegbarkeit: verfuegbarkeit, kursnummer: kursnummer, preis: preis)

    I just don't know how to properly adapt the Subclass to the NSCoding protocol in order for it to work.

    When I try to implement the encode function and the required init function, I get the error mentioned above.

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